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Peach Raspberry Shortcake

A rich and tender biscuit, topped with sweetened peaches, raspberries and fresh whipped cream! Peach Raspberry Shortcake is a simple dessert that just tastes like summer!

Peach Raspberry Cobbler-Rich and tender shortcake biscuits topped with sweetened peaches, berries and whipped cream. It just tastes like summer!

It’s the first Friday in June! Memorial Day is over and “cabin season” is officially underway in the Northland! Growing up, summers at the lake meant raspberry picking and dinners on the porch. Wild raspberries grew in abundance in the woods around our summer cottage. As picking season drew near, we would watch to see when the were perfectly ripened and then quickly head out to pick them before they were eaten by the local wildlife.Often we just ate them with cream and sugar, but served on shortcake was also a favorite! Continue Reading…

fruit pizza
Desserts/ Recipes

Fruit Pizza

A buttery shortbread cookie crust, topped with the freshest fruit of the season and brushed with a light orange glaze. This is the perfect fruit pizza for your next…